Easy Creamy Chocolate Fudge



12 ounces chocolate , chopped – this is often NOT chocolate chips
4 ounces bittersweet chocolate , chopped – – this is often NOT chocolate chips
14 ounces sweetened milk
1 tsp vanilla
7 ounces spread
1 Tbl butter, unsalted and room temp


Line an 8×8 pan with foil with a 1” overhang and lightly spray. during a large bowl add the chocolates and sweetened condensed milk; microwave for 3 minutes on high; stopping and stirring after every minute. Remove from the microwave and blend until smooth with a sturdy spoon.
Add within the fluff, vanilla and butter and blend until smooth. Spread the fudge into the pan, tap on the counter to even out.
Chill, uncovered for 3-4 hours before cutting. Store in an airtight container..

recipe source : https://www.thekitchenwhisperer.net/


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